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The Quest For Comedic Stardom

The Quest for Comedic Stardom follows New York’s Lucy Dee as she sets off on her life’s mission to become a top-billing comedienne. According to her MySpace profile, Lucy is 100 years old, which can only lead one to believe that she’s seen and done a lot, and has lots to laugh about on her blog.

Lucy offers her blog as a “fly-on-the-wall P.O.V. into the life of a stand-up comedienne.” Now that sounds like things could get interesting.

The Quest For Comedic Stardom – Why You Should Go

The simple answer? Because everyone needs to laugh, everyday. And Lucy is good for lots of laughs, even when the topic is something a bit foreign to you. Lucy is well-spoken and witty, injecting her humorous take into everything she writes.

Lucy’s interests, and thus the posts on the Quest, are eclectic and varied. Her interests are listed as: “Indie rock and pop/dance music, comedy, stand-up, storytelling, film, writing“; this covers most of what Lucy posts on her blog (but it’s a pretty comprehensive list anyway…).

Lucy also posts about her newest pursuit, a website that she intends to use to outline “The Academics Behind Comedy” and serve as the “Online stand-up comedy resource.

The best reason to visit the Quest for Comedic Stardom is to gain that promised insight into the life of a developing stand-up comedian. Whether you are interested in becoming a comedian or not, the journey makes for an interesting read that helps the reader gain an appreciation of the work and hurdles of budding entertainers, and interestingly enough a lot of the fears and trials Lucy faces and deals with are not unlike those in ‘regular’ life.

Summing Up The Comedic Quest

As a resource for potential comedians and entertainers, Lucy’s blog (and promised website) are an unparalleled resource. As a place to take a comedy break, Lucy’s blog is that, too. Make this blog a regular stop for some good info, and an interesting (and entertaining) take on life; and if stand-up comedy is a dream for you too, make sure you follow Lucy’s blog. You’ll get a front-row seat to prepare you and benefit from the research and knowledge that Lucy has already gained.

I first met Lucy on Stumbleupon and I’m glad I did. Do yourself a favor and get to know her.

Go and check out The Quest For Comedic Stardom for yourself and digg it (if you like).

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