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Bad Behavior

Bad Behavior is primarily the personal blog of web designer Chelsey Bishop. Though Chelsey does let you in on her personal life, she also posts some pretty cool general health and information tips.

Bad Behavior – Why You Should Go

Bad Behavior is a good read, particularly if you’re into reading blogs. Chelsey is a good writer and posts some humorous stuff along with some good general information and tips. It’s a particularly good site for any woman who loves makeup and other girly stuff as much as the author does; she keeps you updated on good sales for these as well.

Summing Up Bad Behavior

Bad Behavior is one of the better personal blogs out there. The author is likeable and enjoys keeping her readers informed. She is clearly a talented web designer. Her blog would be particularly appealing to other bloggers for tips and inspiration for their own site. However, a good bit of the site is purely personal and may only be interesting to the author’s friends–or the new friends that she makes through it :).

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