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How I Save Money

How I Save Money may sound like another blog listing out tips and tricks for frugal living (and in part it is), but this blog offers a lot more than that. This is a blog that really encompasses personal finance and budgeting on a much wider scale.

How I Save Money – Why You Should Go

How I Save Money started out innocently enough as Lulu’s entry into the blogosphere which was a little unfocused at the time; soon enough, however, she found her voice and her niche by chronicling her efforts to reduce her mounted debt from years in college living off credit cards and loans to see her through. Lulu soon found that people had a strong interest in what she was doing to manage her personal finances, save money, and reduce her debt. As the questions grew so too did the answers and her blog’s readership, to what it is today.

What the blog is today is an ever-growing collection of tips and tricks to save money, but also proven ways to manage credit and reduce debt. These largely stem from a few simple strategies and effective use of online savings accounts and store programs, and also from a dedicated effort to get educated and take control of her finances before they take control of her. Her strategies have become so popular that Lulu has made several into recurring posts and dedicated pages (such as the CVS and ING pages).

Summing Up How I Save Money

How I Save Money is a simple enough blog concept, but one that is firmly grounded in the real world. Blogger Lulu is doing more than talking theory, she’s sharing real, workable ways to save money and build better personal finances.

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