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Rob Spence is a “Lecturer in English Literature, and a proud Mancunian” with the generosity to share his love of literature and fine works with the world. His blog, Topsyturvydom, is the place where he gets to reach beyond the confines of his lecture halls to bring his wealth of knowledge and insight to a much wider audience.

Topsyturvydom – Why You Should Go

Although many of us share an appreciation of the written word and of books in general, not as many of us experience either to the depths that we are capable of. Having dedicated his profession (and, it would seem, his life, too) to the great works of English literature, Rob Spence is very well positioned to help us develop that level of deeper appreciation. Of course, there are those, too, who share this already higher level of literary exploration, and for them Topsyturvydom is a place to meet with peers, a place to explore and discuss the works that Rob Spence presents through his many reviews and discussions of quality literature, while also offering up tidbits of musical appreciation and tales from his worldly travels.

Summing Up Topsyturvydom

Topsyturvydom is a place for meeting of the minds and also for learning, in a pressure-free environment, about what makes great English literature. Come here for the discussion and leave with [more than a] few good books and literary recommendations.

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