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Earth Friendly

Earth Friendly is a blog about living in a way that is environmentally friendly, protecting the earth and the animals that inhabit it. The site has a lot of varied information, from weather proofing your home for winter to reviews on courseware for animal lovers. The site takes a very practical approach to living green, focusing on common sense and balance.

Earth Friendly– Why You Should Go

There is a lot of useful information here for those of us who are animal lovers and for people trying to live their lives in a way that is more environmentally friendly. The blog’s author, Marina Hanes, looks at environmentalism from a more practical standpoint than many other environmental writers. There is also some fun animal related information here that pet owners will enjoy.

Summing Up Earth Friendly

Earth Friendly is an interesting site for anyone concerned about animal rights or about living in a more environmentally friendly way on a daily basis. The information provided is practical and easy to use.

Go here to check out Earth Friendly.

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