What Does This Song Mean To Us?

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What Does This Song Mean To Me?

Music means different things to different people. Individual pieces mean different things to different people, too. Just what a single piece means to various individuals is an interesting topic, one that Kelly at What Does This Song Mean to Me decided to explore in depth.

What Does This Song Mean To Me? – Why You Should Go

The personal meaning of a variety of sings is the focus of Kelly’s posts. She poses this question, but also wants to know, “Better yet, what does it mean to you?” Kelly understands that music evokes different thoughts, feelings, emotions, and memories for everyone, and offers us her blog as a place to share and discuss. It’s an interesting take on a universal theme, and one that is proving to be a quite popular concept. Plenty of people are getting in on the act at this still young blog, and enjoying exploring the meaning of music with a diverse crowd.

Summing Up What Does This Song Mean to Me?

Kelly has done a very good job of creating a blog based on a simple and meaningful concept. She’s also done well to make that a place of interest by tying her selections into everyday life and events, and to make us laugh with the too true gems she finds around the ‘net (some of your guys may enjoy commiserating with this guy who really misses his hair). Kelly’s is a truly unique blog concept that is as entertaining as it is thought-provoking. It’s as up-beat as she seems to be, a great place to stop by for a song and a comment, and to learn what your music may mean to someone else.

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