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Green Living Tips

Green Living Tips is another blog where the name says it all; but this blog, the work of Australian Michael Bloch, is more than your average green living blog site. It’s an environmentally-charged website with all the news, information, and green living resources you need, and one that does it all with personality and flair‚Äîand action!

Green Living Tips – Why You Should Go

Green Living Tips is a lot like Tree Hugging Family in that it gives you practical ways to live greener and healthier everyday. The blog is a compilation of information that Michael Bloch has learned through his years of learning to live greener for the sake of the environment and for himself (living earth-friendly in the remote reaches of Australia has been a dream of his for some time now). Michael shares what he’s learned through his blog, which is in part both a personal journal and reference website.

The blog itself is part of a larger site that also includes articles and links to more green living resources and information and initiatives, the best of which are featured in daily posts. There are categories and posts to cover every imaginable aspect of going green, including topics like business, cleaning, energy, family, food, gadgets, garden, health, pets, and many others.

Michael’s dedication to green living extends beyond his blog, though. He also incorporates environmentally friendly practices into business and education. He hosts and maintains a website dedicated to educating the public about the effects of carbon dioxide on the environment called He also runs a totally green web hosting company, ThinkHost, which is powered entirely by eco-friendly renewable wind and solar power.

Summing Up Green Living Tips

Green living tips is one of the top-ranked green living (and working) websites for a reason; it is one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly resources of its kind. Best of all, Michael blends an entertaining sense of humor and personality into his blog. His compassion, friendliness, and approachability has done much to build a community of readers and commenters, and a bigger community of earth-first thinkers and doers all looking to Michael to help them do their part and live more responsibly for the sake of the earth’s environment.

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