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Road To Independence

Being that this is the weekend when we Americans celebrate our independence, I thought it appropriately to stick with that theme. There were plenty of radical blogs I could have chosen from, but Mike Patton‘s Road to Independence seemed a much better choice.

Road To Independence – Why You Should Go

Patton’s Road to Independence blog is in some ways a dual-purpose blog. It started as a chronicle of his journey to independence when he chose to become an independent investment advisor. Much of the blog is specifically about that experience. To that end, there is lots to be learned here about building a business successfully and making it your own; you can learn from both Mike’s successes and hurdles.

The other purpose is in delivering investment news and advice. The independent investor will find much of interest in the way of commentary and investment news as well.

Summing Up Road To Independence

Mike Patton’s blog is both informational and inspirational. There is much to be gleaned from Mike’s experience as you build your own Road to more independent living.

Go here to check out Road to Independence.

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