Embrace Your Best Life

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EMBRACE Living is the blogging arm of Celestine Chua’s personal development website (also named EMRBACE Living). Celes (as she’s happy to be called) is a young woman who has quickly come to a realization about what living your best life really means, and unlike most, has had the courage and taken the initiative to do something about it early on.

EMBRACE Living – Why You Should Go

By the time Celes Chua quit her lucrative Fortune 100 marketing job at the age of 24, she had come full-circle to a level of understanding about personal development and living life to its fullest potential that most people do not reach for decades later (and truthfully, most will never at all). Not content to let societal impositions bind her, Celes left her satisfactory corporate world for one far better—one based on her own passions and true self, one with infinite earning potential because it was a true and contented path.

Her next move was to turn those passions into her life coaching business, of which the blog and advice are part and parcel. Posts on the blog cover all aspects of conscious living, including such topics as (but not limited to) career and work, money and finance, stress management, goals, emotional mastery, mindset, relationships, and much, much more.

In her own words, Celes summarizes the growth and purpose of her blog as follows.

“EmbraceLiving.Net was launched in Dec 2008 to help you achieve your highest potential and live your best life. It has been growing phenomenally in readership and quality content ever since it was launched…Every week, the blog is updated with new, life-improving articles covering topics such as Conscious Living, Goal Achievement, Maximizing Productivity, People Skills, Emotional Mastery, and so on, which deal with all areas of your life including Career, Relationships, Health, Finance, Spirituality, etc. All my articles are inspired from real events and experiences in my life…My only objective here is to help you achieve your highest potential and embrace your best life.”

Summing Up This EMBRACE Living

Celetine Chua shows a maturity and enjoyment of life that most people are never able to accomplish. Her posts are both practical and spiritual (in an open-ended sort of way, suiting to all belief, or non-belief systems), insightful and inspiring. A visit to Celes’ blog will make you contemplate your life in terms you probably have not considered, and help you along as you find the best path to your best life.

Go here to check out EMBRACE Living.

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A Busy Blogger Indeed

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Category: Success, Positivity, Mindset, Wealth Creation

The Sean Rasmussen Family Of Blogs

Many of you know that Do You Digg It is the creation of Sean Rasmussen, a leading internet marketer and success communicator. Many of you have found Digg It through his many other works, and many of you may have been introduced to his works through mention in a select few past posts here on Digg It.

For those of you who have not become familiar with Sean’s work—and even many of you who have—you may be surprised at how extensive a network of blogs it really is. Today, as I sit here in the non-electrified silence contemplating great blogs, Sean’s came, naturally, to mind. It seems a good time to return the favor to Sean and point you on your way to his many projects and works.


You’ll want to start out here, at the Daddy of them all, Sean’s personal blog. This is where he does the bulk of his work in success communication and mindset. It is also the best place to get to know Sean Rasmussen on a more personal level (visit his recent posts from Disney Hong Kong to find out why he, too, has been a little indisposed lately!).

Wealth Creation Blog

This blog deals more on the business end of things. It is a blog where Sean blogs on the topic of wealth creation, and also very much on its co-companion, success mindset and attitude. Much of this is inspired by Jamie McIntyre and the 21st Century Academy, a wealth empowerment course you can also learn more about through his 21st Century Academy blog.


Over the past four or five years, Sean Rasmussen has made quite a name for himself in the world of internet marketing, giving up the rat race to live a more profitable and free lifestyle—the best of all worlds! Graciously, Sean shares his collected and tried knowledge with other budding internet marketers through his SeanSEO blog, as well as a number of others.

Stocks And Investing

Some of the strategies that have made Sean the success that he is now are the share and stock market investing strategies he learned through Jamie McIntyre and others. You can learn about these in his blogs Planet Wealth Stock Market Blog and BullHunter’s Guide.

Still More!

Believe it or not, this is not a conclusive list of Sean’s blogging efforts. There are even still more to find and enjoy and learn from. You can see the full list on Sean Rasmussen’s Blog Catalog page.

Sean’s blogs have been a too-well kept secret around here for far too long. Enjoy some time this week choosing amongst Sean’s excellent blog projects, and enjoy a prosperous New Year!

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Personal Development BlogWhere to Find Personal Development Blog:
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Category: Personal Development, Success

Personal Development Blog

John Lazy enters our Digg It ranks as our first Filipino blogger with his Personal Development Blog. As the name suggests, John’s blog is focused on helping you better yourself and find success in life, in whatever it is you choose to do.

Personal Development Blog – Why You Should Go

John Lazy‘s goal is to spread productivity throughout the world. He focuses strongly on the issue of procrastination, and how you can focus on changing your mindset to turn that procrastination into something productive and rewarding. But it is the way that he chooses to go about it that lends even more interest to his blog. John does not simply reiterate the best laid words of successful men and women, he also uses profiles and lessons of a diversity of people who have overcome and achieved great success through similar means. John also shows courage in making an example of himself as he works through the personal hurdles that he is overcoming as he increases his personal productivity.

Some of the topics and categories he addresses include

• Challenging yourself
• Consciousness and awareness
• Fame and famous people
• Feelings
• Friendship
• Love and happiness
• Self improvement
• Wealth and money

Summing Up Personal Development Blog

John Lazy shows a generosity of spirit in his blog, one that is mirrored by his many appreciative friends and readers. His is a unique voice of inspiration, diligently working to help others make the most of themselves and their lives that they can.

Go here to check out Personal Development Blog.

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Courageous Ideas For Now And The Future

Intrepid IdeasWhere to Find Intrepid Ideas:
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Category: Personal Development

Intrepid Ideas

Intrepid Ideas is a blog that promises to take you where your thoughts dare not let you go. It breathes life to the secret thoughts you wish would live with an energy and courage that few have. This blog is anonymously authored so that the focus can be on the thoughts, and less on the person thinking them; because the author truly feels that the blog and the process is not about him, but you, or at the very least, “us.”

Intrepid Ideas – Why You Should Go

Intrepid Ideas is a blog with a mission. That mission is, in part, to “…spread some fresh courageous ideas through this blog as well as create a somewhat cryptic archive of my travels and thoughts. Through music, media, and prose, I hope to stimulate thought – exercise my creative side – and solicit feedback from the human race. Most importantly, I hope to realize some sort of growth from this experience.” To this end it has been a great success. The blog offers a diversity of posts from the philosophical to the political, all offered as insightful rather than inciteful. That is to say, the blog is not an effort to sway politically, but rather to induce thoughtful consideration of all subjects broached.

Summing Up Intrepid Ideas

Intrepid Ideas is a blog about thought and ultimately action, as stimulating thought really has no point without the latter. It is a blog charged with energy, sure to get you more fired up about the impact of your own mindset and the courage to give life to thoughts otherwise left unsaid.

Go here to check out Intrepid Ideas.

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Category: Motivation, Personal Development

Inspiration & Motivation Blog

Today our round-the-world blog reviews take us to Bandung City in Indonesia to the blog of Arswino Sonata. One of Arswino’s favorite activities is sharing with people and inspiring them to live a happy, motivated life of success. This young and promising blog is his means to that end.

Inspiration & Motivation – Why You Should Go

We do see a lot of blogs in the blogosphere that are set up as motivational personal development blogs. To be sure, we have seen many here, not least of all because mindset and motivation are of primary importance to our host, Sean Rasmussen. It seems that each of these blogs have a slightly different take on the secret to life’s success, and a slightly different package for its delivery. Arswino’s blog, though, is truly unique.

Inspiration & Motivation aims to inspire mainly through storytelling. Arswino Sonata has a gift for locating stories with great morals for living, and it is these that he chooses to use to best illustrate his thoughts and beliefs.

Summing Up Inspiration & Motivation

Arswino’s approach to motivational blogging is thoughtful and entertaining all at the same time. It’s an easy and enjoyable place to visit, one that makes easy, short work of inspiring your day.

Go here to check out Inspiration & Motivation Blog.

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AngesBiz - Personal Development and Motivational BlogWhere To Find AngesBiz
Blog URL: http://angesbiz.com/
Category: Personal Development

Buzzing With Ange

AngesBiz is a blog dedicated to helping people help themselves. Ange is big on self empowerment, personal development, and personal and financial success. This is a place to go to open your mind to the possibilities within you, to learn how to enhance your thinking and develop the mindset of success that will help you make more of both your personal life and finances.

From Ange:

“My posts will revolve around Personal Development, Wealth Creation, as well as Emotional Intelligence and Financial Intelligence. There will also be some spiritual guidance tucked in there as well.”

AngesBiz- Why You Should Go

According to Ange’s main website, her mission is to inspire; her energy, acceptance, and openness do just that.

Buzzing With Ange is fun and upbeat (the way a blog dedicated to motivation should be!) with a wealth of diverse information and resource links related to her topics of personal development, success, self empowerment, and motivation. But don’t expect the same old ‘you can do it’ from Ange that you read everywhere else. Ange’s information comes from varied sources and takes on the issue of motivation and success using things like spirituality, the Law of Attraction, fundamentals of financial intelligence, emotional intelligence and more.

Refreshingly, Ange is not afraid to take on ‘taboo’ subjects that link all of life to success (like her post on sex & success). Ange interjects quite a lot of experience and personal failure and success, too, showing her readers that not only is she human and facing the same life obstacles as the rest of us, but she is walking, breathing proof that it can be done.

Summing Up AngesBiz

To sum it up, AngesBiz is a well established, active blog community (with archives reaching back to August 2006) that takes personal development to new frontiers, offering valuable motivation, support, and resources that are not overdone in empowerment circles on the net.

Go and check out AngesBiz for yourself and digg it (if you like).

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