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Modern Domestic

Modern Domestic is a baking site. It’s dedicated to all things that require flour and sugar, and is a wonderful site for anyone interested in learning more about baking. Whether you’re a novice baker or a pastry chef, you’ll find something to enjoy on Modern Domestic.

Modern Domestic– Why You Should Go

The recipes are reason enough. But, the baking tips are fantastic, too, and the author keeps up with the goings on of lots of other chefs, pastry and otherwise, so there’s always some good food news going on. You’ll also get links to lots of other chef sites and food blogs that you’ll enjoy reading, as well.

Summing Up Modern Domestic

This is definitely a site that foodies will enjoy reading on a daily basis. You’ll learn baking tips, food trends, get new ideas and find plenty of recipes to keep you busy in the kitchen baking. People who live in DC, where the author lives, can even attend a DC Food Bloggers happy hour, held once a month.

Go here to check out Modern Domestic.

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