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Random Political Thoughts And News

There’s not much to tell about Monkey Suit, the author of the Random Political Thoughts And News blog, because we don’t have an ‘About’ page to go on. But we can at least talk about what the blog and its community is‚Äîwhich is pretty much as the blog’s name indicates.

Random Political Thoughts And News – Why You Should Go

Random is a good way to describe this blog‚Äîit’s a hit or miss mix-up of political news and some commentary. No political person or subject is safe, and any may be the next to appear atop the blog. From Presidential hopefuls to election predictions, to media and industry experts and policies‚Äîyou never know who will get Monkey Suit fired up.

While Monkey Suit does interject with his own insight and opinions, he also presents a lot of food for thought. Some of the news is nothing new, but talked about from angles you might not have considered or understood, and some of it is stuff you might have missed. But agree or disagree, there’s enough there to fuel your thought and motivate you into caring a little more about a country and an issue you may have disregarded as being something you could do little about anyway.

Naturally a political blog is a place open for discussion. Visitor comments have been kept civil and insightful‚Äîa nice feature for a political blog‚Äîand offer further insight and consideration. The benefit here is that you can read and learn and discuss with a community, and not just follow it because you agree with the author. Hopefully that’s an aspect that Monkey Suit can maintain as the blog continues to grow.

Summing Up Random Political Thoughts And News

Random Political Thoughts is a young blog; already, though, there are readers willing to speak their peace and add to the conversation. Go here to read the news you might have missed, the news you know but want to hear more about from a source other than main-stream media, or just for entertainment when you need to hear someone bust on a politician.

Go here to check out Random Political Thoughts And News.

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