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The Adventurist

If you are, or have ever dreamt of being, an alpine mountain climber or all around outdoor enthusiast, Jason Hendricks’ The Adventurist is a blog you’ll want to read. Jason brings the world of outdoor adventure into your home daily (often several times a day) by chronicling the lives and times of alpine climbers, hikers, and outdoor adventurers like himself.

The Adventurist – Why You Should Go

Jason’s blog is a must-read for people who share his passion for adventure, climbing and the outdoors. And being that his is among the top mountaineering and adventure blogs in the world, there’s a good chance those of you who share that passion are already regular readers of Jason’s.

Perhaps what is more impressive, though, is that The Adventurist is equally appealing to those of us who are—shall we say, less physically motivated (politically correct enough for you?)? Jason writes interesting posts that really let you see and feel the adventure through the eyes and ears of climbers and outdoorsmen and women from all over the world. He gives you the opportunity to learn things about the sport that you never even knew you wanted to know, including posts and first-hand accounts from premier climbers—like Alan Arnette of Mt. Everest fame (covering major climbs is one of the primary talents of the blog, including an almost 90-post account of Everest 2008).

Summing Up The Adventurist

Some of us are doers and some of us are dreamers, and even those of us who would never dream of climbing a place as inhospitable as Mt. Everest still feel a draw and some level of connection to it. For both types The Adventurist provides insight and interest into a world that only the doers can take you to. Join Jason and let him take you to the heights of the world, and go along with him, in his words, “From Mt Everest To The Poles: Exploring Adventure One Trip At A Time‚Ķ”

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