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Preemie Twins Blog

The Preemie Twins Blog is a place of understanding, empathy, and information for parents of multiples and premature babies.

Preemie Twins Blog – Why You Should Go

If you are the parent of multiples or a premature baby, or just know parents of multiples or premature babies, you know that there are definite trials, tribulations, and triumphs that these families and young babies experience. You also know that a strong system of support is one of the only ways to cope, and that often that support, understanding, and information sharing is something that you can only get from people who have lived through the same.

This blog, a highly informative blog for parents of multiple preemies, is at times jubilant and at others heart wrenching, but at all times is a wonderful place for parents experiencing the challenges and triumphs of parenting twins, multiples, and premature babies. The blog is written by a mother who has been through it all, and is contributed to by many others.

Summing Up Preemie Twins Blog

Many preemie twins and multiples are true medical miracles, just as the babies who inspired this blog, Macy and Mallory, are. Still, medical science can only get a parent so far when faced with the challenges and emotions of caring for premature babies. This blog helps to fill the void, lend a hand of support, and educate parents to make the road as smooth as it possibly can be.

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