A World Without Murphy’s Law?

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Breaking Murphy’s Law

When you’re presenting, someone is always watching you. That is the first lesson to learn at Lee Potts‘ Breaking Murphy’s Law blog. Once you know that you start to understand that there is far less room for error in this world than in most of what you do in the rest of your daily life; and so preparation for presentation takes on a whole new level of importance.

Breaking Murphy’s Law – Why You Should Go

It’s not really hard to convince presenters that preparation is a necessary stage of the game, but knowing what is really involved in that is an entirely different matter. What seems like logical and reasonable preparedness can quickly become miserably inadequate when it’s the “real thing”—just see Lee’s list of presentation principles for his take on rationality in presentation preparedness. Lee knows this first-hand. His day job is working for a Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company to prepare teams for US Federal Drug Administration committee meetings, and he serves on a number of steering committees and boards—so Lee knows his stuff. He’s seen it all and done it all, and been fortunate enough to be privy to the experiences of others and add that to his learning as well. With the help of this blog, his good fortune becomes your good fortune.

Through this blog Lee helps brings you to terms with Murphy’s Law and the world of public presentation and speaking, and then takes you further to the side of it that you’d not otherwise have considered. Then he gives you the information, tips, tricks, and advice to enable you to stare Murphy and his Law in the face, and kick it out the conference room door.

“The breaking of Murphy’s Law is not like robbing a bank, stealing a car or wearing white after labor day. Murphy’s Law is more like the law of gravity. It seems like a constant, like it’s built into the way the world works. It drags you down. You can’t really break it, but you can learn how to plan for it and how to take it into account. You can often keep it from doing damage. A lucky few even manage to escape it completely.”

Summing Up Breaking Murphy’s Law

“A trick, tip or technique learned…could be crucial to saving a meeting as well as a career.”

Lee Potts learned early in his career that sharing stories and experiences is essential to successful presentation skills. That is what he does on this blog—shares the stories and experiences of a career in public presentation, and opens the conversation up to the larger community so that all can learn from each other. If presentation or public speaking is in your future in any form, even in a behind-the scenes capacity, Lee’s blog is a place for you to start frequenting today.

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