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My Nature Adventures

Joyce Emor is a Filipino with a passion for travel and the outdoors. Her blog, My Nature Adventures, is where she gives voice to her adventures, journaling each and every one as she island-hops around the Philippine Islands near and dear to her.

My Nature Adventures – Why You Should Go

Joyce‘s first love is life. To her, that love means exploring every natural wonder she can gain access to. In her off time she travels the different islands enjoying the natural and man-made wonders, carefully chronicling them. She provides a first-hand account, complete with photos, which in effect serves as both an adventure journal and an excellent resource for anyone with similar interests, or an interest in the many places the Philippines has to offer. She visits both main-stream destinations and places far removed from the beaten path, and in so doing delivers profiles of many treasures that might otherwise go left unfound.

Joyce describes her adventure destinations as

“Exotic beaches and places, less traveled places, total nature adventure, and a whole lot more! I am really fascinated with nature. Actually I love adventures.”

Summing Up My Nature Adventures

Joyce’s Filipino nature adventures are only the beginning. She has a dream of pursuing natural adventures all over the world, one that we hope she achieves and continues to share. Join Joyce to learn more about her corner of the world, and watch it as it continues to grow.

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