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Neatorama is another community blogging effort of sorts, but one that is quite difficult to define. Nevertheless, as the title promises it’s a place of quirky interest that benefits from the contributions of its authors.

Neatorama – Why You Should Go

Neatorama is largely a collection of interesting and random things of interest. Many are works or art, some are spoofs and humorous pictures and digital media, and others are little known news posts and scientific discoveries. The blog is a wealth of diversity and discovery. These are things that have piqued the interest of their contributors, and will pique your curiosity, too, with many things you’d never have otherwise known existed.

Summing Up Neatorama

Neatorama has a long history and is still going strong, so there is no fear of a lack of interesting things to find at this blog. Join the fun and intrigue, learn some interesting things about the world you didn’t know, and have a general good time with the authors of Neatorama.

Go here to check out Neatorama.

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