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Neurophilosophy is a blog maintained by a UCL graduate student studying for a Master’s degree in Neuroscience. This blog is a place for this student to explore the many interesting topics related to that pursuit, and also to theorize and discuss some of the connections between the human minds and experiences. It’s an interesting mix of science and thought that leads you to wonder just a little more about yourself and those you share the planet with.

Neurophilosophy- Why You Should Go

Our human mind is what makes us what we are, and also what makes us so diverse and complex. An interest in our own inner workings is natural, but few of us have the kind of understanding of our brain that a person dedicating life and study to it would. So a blog like Neurophilosophy presents a unique opportunity to explore the many facets of the human condition with the guidance of a very well educated tour guide. From cannibalism to athleticism, “molecules, minds and everything in between,” Neurophilosophy offers us a look at the human brain as most of us have never seen (or considered) it before.

Summing Up Neurophilosophy

Neurophilosophy is a place of interest, education, contemplation, and curiosity. It’s hard to imagine what you might learn here, but it’s safe to assume that posts here might lead you to looking at the human factor in a new way.

Go here to check out Neurophilosophy.

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