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Surely if you are one of our blog subscribers you have noticed a marked decline in blog reviews this week. This is what happens when the past meets the future, and Mother Nature collides with modern services and conveniences.

Blame It On The Weather

Depending on where you are and how much of the news you watch, you may or may not be aware that much of New England, where I live, was hit with a “once in a lifetime” ice storm late last week—Thursday night into early Friday. In just the span of about 12 hours, somewhere upwards of 150,000 people lost power and service to their homes; that figure is probably grossly inaccurate, seeing as how I have been effectively cut off from the outside world and my grasp at the news is spotty at best. In fact, I do think that figure is one calculated after many people had been restored.

I, however, have still not been restored to the 21st Century. We did finally see one of the very hard-working electric repair crews on our road yesterday, giving us a glimmer of hope, only to have those hopes dashed when they informed us that even though they were repairing our lines, the high tension lines that service our circuit are badly damaged, and will require days’ more work before they can transmit electricity to the residential lines. Saturday is our estimated fair optimistic target for restored services, although it sounded a tenuous estimation at best. And with 6 to 12 inches of snow coming in on Friday, the chances for delayed repairs only continue to grow.

That’s My Story, I’m Sticking To It

Thus explains my absence in the world of blog review this week. As I can, I travel towns away to relatives who are lucky enough to live in the year 2008 and usurp their electricity and services, and charge up my laptop batteries for a couple hours’ worth of work in the morning darkness. If I sound bitter, well, the novelty of the pioneering lifestyle is beginning to wear off. I’m ready for a nice hot soak in a tub and a handy internet connection once again. Soon, in the grand scheme of things, it’ll come, so we’re doing our best to stay positive, glad that our wood heat and gas services make for fairly comfortable living otherwise.

In the mean time, don’t pity me, we’re all just fine, and so much better off than so many others—some who may not see service until a week after Christmas! While I’m here I have it in mind to look back through our older posts and draw attention to some much deserving blogs once again, some we you may have missed or that we may not have heard from in a while. I hope you enjoy this look into the past as I experience historic living first hand!

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