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Pahdon My Opinion

Pahdon My Opinion is a sports commentary blog about Boston sports, including the New England Patriots and the Boston Red Sox. John Silveira, the author was born and raised in Massachusetts. Though he now resides in Connecticut he still lives and breathes the sports teams he grew to love. Silveira keeps up with all the news surrounding Boston area sports teams, but he throws in quite a bit of his own opinion, hence the blog’s name.

Pahdon My Opinion – Why You Should Go

This is a very good blog to keep up on sports teams in the Boston area. The news is accurate and up to date. It’s true that it comes with a bit of opinion, but if you’re a fan of the Boston area sports teams, you’re likely to agree with John on most of what he says.

Summing Up Pahdon My Opinion

Consider this a sports blog for fans of the Patriots, the Red Sox, the Celtics or the Bruins. A quick way to check on all the major Boston area professional teams…and as an New Englander (Englandah–gotta get it right!  If you’ve been heah, you know what we’re talkin’ about) knows, that’s big business ’round these parts!

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