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A Year Of Crock Potting

Resolving to cook with your crock pot (or slow cooker, as you might call it) every day for an entire year is quite an undertaking. As is blogging about it. Stephanie the “Crockpot Lady” has done both, and succeeded at both admirably. And she has the blog to prove it.

A Year Of Crock Potting – Why You Should Go

A Year of Crock Potting started with Stephanie O’Dea‘s 2008 New Year’s Resolution to cook something every day in her slow cooker, or crock pot. It was a simple resolution:

“I will use my crockpot everyday in 2008.

And I will post the recipes and pictures.



stop laughing.”

But she did it! Stephanie cooked in her faithful pot every day of 2008, and shared all the recipes, pictures, and preparations on her blog. Not only that, but her blogging led her to some great successes—namely, spots on national TV shows, and a couple of books (of course, an upcoming cookbook), and of course, a huge blog following.

The original challenge is over now, but the blog and the information lives on. What we are left with is an entertaining and practical time- and money-saving cooking blog that is in essence a virtual cookbook (only much more interesting to read), which is still maintained and updated a few times each week.

Of even more interest is the fact that Stephanie’s youngest child has Celiac Disease, which is an inability to process the gluten that is found in many food products. Therefore, the family eats mainly gluten-free (but you don’t have to—all recipes are simple to tweak). That makes this blog a prime resource for families who are dealing with the disease and with the challenge of eating well despite it.

Summing Up A Year Of Crock Potting

If you’ve ever cooked with a Crock Pot or slow cooker, you know how easy and convenient that can be. If you haven’t, this blog might just inspire you to dust off that wedding gift and give it a try. Stephanie is living proof that Crock Potting is really all it’s cracked up to be. Learn some simple stand-by methods and some innovative recipes and you, too, can eat well with the slow-cooker method all year long (or on a less regular basis for those of us not quite so devoted :) )

Go here to check out A Year of Crock Potting.

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