Recap Review, April 25 Edition

It was quite a mixed bag of work and reviews here at Digg It this week.  We checked in to see how some old blogs were doing, celebrated Earth Day, and found some new fun and exploration, too.

Week In Review, April 25, 2009

  • To start the week, we took advantage of the quarter-year point to check in on the New Year’s resolutions blogs from the beginning of the year.  While Christine Kane is still bombing along, others fared not as well.
  • We got a little personal with the next post, sharing our personal resolve success and checking in on Sean Rasmussen’s progress on his publicized New Year’s Goals while asking the question: “How Is Your Resolve?” (do stop by and share!).
  • Sean’s working vacation to Vanuatu was inspiration for the next post, which reviewed a network site for diving blogs, sharing the love and beauty of the deep blue sea.
  • The next day brought us to Earth Day and another kind of dedicated blog network, the Earth Day Network of blogs.  This is a place where Earth Day is celebrated all year long, striving to make sustainable living and preservation a part of every life.
  • To follow up on that great score, we dugg back into the Digg archives and renewed attention to some of our all-time favorite “green” blog reviews.
  • To complement the last two, the week rounded out with a celebration of life on Earth through pictures at A Photo A Day from Planet Earth.  This is a true global community effort giving you the opportunity to explore more of the world through contributor lenses.

That’s a busy week for sure.  Hope you didn’t miss any of the activity from the week before, either, but if you did, here’s a link to last week’s Recap Review.  Keep the blogs submissions and suggestions rolling, and we’ll do the same with great blog reviews!

Mary Ward
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