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Media Bistro

Media Bistro is a social media site for those in the media. This site synthesizes the most important news to professionals in the media business, and puts it in one spot. It’s a quick way to keep up with the latest happenings in print, internet and live media.

Media Bistro – Why You Should Go

Media Bistro is great for media professionals because it’s one stop shopping for relevant media news, from format changes at the New York Times to updates on Wikipedia. But, it’s not just for professionals. Anyone who is interested in the changes and goings on in the media world will appreciate this site.

Summing Up Media Bistro

Media Bistro is a great place for professionals and amateurs to keep up with all the news in the world of internet, print and live media. Rather than searching all over the web and print magazines for the news you need, enjoy many sources of information all on one site. For professionals in particular, this site is a great way to stay updated on what’s going on in your world.

Go here to check out Media Bistro.

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