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Walking Off The Big Apple

Teri Tynes knows New York city. Her perspective is one that is more up close and personal than many, however, as she thoroughly enjoys walking her way through it. She has managed quite successfully to marry that enjoyment into a highly informative blog for lovers of New York, tourists, and residents alike.

Walking Off The Big Apple – Why You Should Go

“Walking Off the Big Apple is a strolling guide through New York City with themed self-guided walks and commentary on art, society, and culture.”

In a few words, it is taking the city by foot and blogging about it. Along the way Teri offers insight, reviews, and commentary, and also essential resources for retracing her steps and recreating the experience. This makes it a highly useful resource for people who are either visiting or living in and near New York and looking for ways to maximize the experience.

In addition, because Teri is covering a large range of cultural and city events, her blog has become a defacto resource for arts, entertainment, and events of note. It’s a first-stop for finding out where the real scenes are, an excellent planning tool. The blog also serves as a wonderful photoblog for those who just want to live a little vicariously and see the sites from afar.

Summing Up Walking Off The Big Apple

Teri Tynes has developed a unique, insightful, and resourceful blog. This is a blog that will be of tremendous use to those who want to get up close and personal with city, and enjoy it at the more comfortable strolling pace rather than the hustle and bustle that the city is so known for.

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