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Put Things Off

As I meandered around the internet this morning looking for a good blog to review, this blog absolutely resonated with me. And then I got up, got a cookie, stood by the fire for a while, and came back to finish the review. Luckily, Nick Cernis, the author of PTO, was not offended.

Put Things Off – Why You Should Go

Nick, like so many of us, is adept at putting things off (or at least he was). And, like so many of us, he is also adept at eventually getting things done. However, what is different about Nick is that he came to learn from his experiences, and still achieve the life of his dreams. Along the way, he discovered a lot about ways to simplify life, get more done, and enjoy the ride in the meanwhile. This is what serves as the base of his blog, and also as the foundation of his book, Todoodlist. Of his experience and his blog, Nick says,

“I’m a web developer who spent almost 5 years putting off starting a business, leaving my dreams and schemes on beer mats, and reading about other peoples’ success. In late 2006 I finally woke up – I was reading more about doing things than actually fulfilling my life’s goals…

I started Put Things Off to share the tips and advice that I’d found useful in a light-hearted, alternative, no-nonsense format, and to give people of all ages the knowledge to transform their lives, work independently and successfully chase their dreams.”

Summing Up Put Things Off

Put Things Off is a blog that takes the stress out of being productive, by acknowledging the humanity of it all, proposing simple solutions that don’t take more time than they save, and interjecting a whole lot of humor into the mix. The blog is easily justified as productive learning, but will leave you smiling every time as you go about your task of finally mastering the science of the work-life balance.

Go here to check out Put Things Off.

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