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Living Healthy in the Real World is a food and nutrition blog written by a young nutrition writer. The blog focuses on healthy eating and a healthy body image.

Living Healthy in the Real World – Why You Should Go

This is a very good blog if you’re interested in improving your eating habits and nutrition, particularly if you’re willing to be creative about it. You’ll find good book reviews and information on maintaining a healthy body image, too. In addition, the writer, Sagan Morrow not only researches and writes about ways of eating and living in a more healthy way, she practices what she preaches. Recently she took a one month vegan challenge and posted all of her meals for the entire month. Her philosophy is that one should eat in the healthy way that makes you feel good, rather than supporting one way of eating for everyone.

Summing Up Living Healthy in the Real World

Living Healthy is a good website to learn about nutrition and alternative ways of eating. The site is not preachy, but gives valuable information about alternative ways of eating and staying healthy.

Go here to check out Living Healthy in the Real World.

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