It’s All About Obama

It would seem that today the news across the net and the blogosphere is all about Obama. Surprisingly (to me at least) this is not restricted to only American blogs or American bloggers—the results of the United States elections are a topic of interest and concern all over the globe.

Leading The Way

Our own fearless leader Sean Rasmussen is proof positive of this, leading the way this morning with a post of congratulations of his own. Of course, being that Sean gets our news while we are still sleeping, he had something of an advantage :).

The interesting thing is that you can set political views aside for many of these posts. Yes, of course there are those who will be blogging in support or fear of the US President Elect, but there are those who take a wider view on the subject, much as Sean has done, and focus on different aspects, such as the historical nature of this particular election.

It truly is eye-opening to see just how impacting the state of one nation can be on others worldwide. In the interest of feeding our growing international appetite here at Digg It, please do share—have you seen a great post today concerning, in some aspect, the result of the US election? Do you have a post of your own to offer? Or do you have an opinion to share? Perhaps you even think this is much ado about nothing.

Whatever your thoughts are, we’d love to hear them. Leave a link with your comment below, and share the most interesting perspective you’ve seen today in regards to the American election results.

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