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Unplugged Living

Going Green and the environment are all the rage. They’re [very worthwhile] topics with a level of popularity rivaled only by the latest technological advances. So if there is one thing better it could only be a blog that combines the two, couldn’t it? Unplugged Living is that blog.

Unplugged Living – Why You Should Go

If the tagline doesn’t get you, nothing will. Unplugged Living is designed for the purpose of “helping you freeload off Mother Nature.” Of course, this is one type of freeloading that nobody minds, and in fact most anyone can appreciate.

The blog was started by Kevin Humphrey as a sort of journaling resource as he worked towards living “off the grid;” today, it continues with Noel Bautista, who is continuing the general mission of the blog—to highlight the best of unplugged living, including the best technologies and ways to achieve it, and take you miles beyond saving energy to an existence that is greener, but also by default a more independent existence, too.

Summing Up Unplugged Living

Unplugged Living is becoming a real and true lifestyle choice, one that is gaining in popularity (although it cannot be said that it is completely new) and gaining attention as the world moves to greener, cleaner living. This is a blog that describes that life and the many paths to it in detail, educating you as to how you can do the same. No matter your motivation, if an unplugged lifestyle is of interest to you, this blog is a place to get the goods and learn how to achieve that goal first-hand.

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