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On Simplicity

Sara is a girl on a mission, too—a mission to get more out of life by paring it down to the essentials. She believes in the power of simplicity, whatever that may mean to you, and in “amplifying life’s pleasures by clearing out the clutter…” Her blog is a practical guide to achieving simplicity as she learns it herself through her own personal efforts at “creating a happier, easier, more enjoyable life…”

On Simplicity – Why You Should Go

Simplicity means many things to many people, and so one of the missions of this blog is to clarify that meaning. Recognizing that the ideal of simplicity is personal, Sara offers her definition of what simplicity means and can be to her, but encourages readers to add their own for their own personal development. For Sara, though, simplicity is ” stripping everything away from our lives: assumptions, preconceptions, fears and dreams, and then keeping only the things that we truly value. It’s about being happy with enough, and finding contentment from within.”

The posts at On Simplicity vary, with all aimed at helping readers find their individual paths to simplicity and contentment; on any given day that may include how-to posts, tips and tricks, or insights and inspirations. It’s an interesting enough and effective enough mix to keep you coming back, and to have engaged a healthy community of readers and commenters.

Summing Up On Simplicity

There are few lives that couldn’t benefit from some worthwhile paring down to the simpler side of life. This is a blog that has the goods to help you do that, one that you’ll find interesting, insightful, and useful as you work towards less, and enjoy less more.

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