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In the quiet of the Red Pine Mountaintop in the US Northeast Kingdom, more commonly known as the US state of Vermont, is a transplanted southern girl who writes about finding love and a new life on the world wide web. That girl is Mountain Woman, who uses her blog as a place to show that love really is possible on the internet, and that healing from the past is possible, too.

Red Pine Mountain – Why You Should Go

Red Pine Mountain is best categorized as a personal blog, but it is also in part a lifestyle blog, as many posts illustrate the way of life of the northern mountain-dweller. The blog is more than, that, too. It is also Mountain Woman’s place of positivity and expression; “I focus on issues that are important to me and my personal growth. I try to be positive and this blog is a reflection of my point of view. I do know there are people who find this way of thinking unrealistic; syrupy, I’ve even heard it called, but if I allow myself to get mired in negativity, I won’t accomplish my goals. Every problem becomes insurmountable and the smallest step forward impossible.”

To this end Mountain Woman writes about topics such as faith and religion (including her journey from forced-childhood religion to disbelief and back to true faith again), love, the effects of negativity on the world, the stories of her life and reflections on life in general. These are stories that are offered in the spirit of camaraderie and sharing, not to preach or teach, but simply to discuss.

Summing Up Red Pine Mountain

Mountain Woman writes with care. She is open with her readers and respectful of opinions, truly welcoming her community into her life. Hers is a blog to read if you find yourself in need of a place to enjoyably contemplate life, or are in search of a friendly spirit to connect with on the web.

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