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Mimentum is an Australian-based blog associated with the Mimenta.com website. It is generally a blog that deals with topics relating to business and education, and also online information. It’s a little bit of a mixed bag with lots of life lessons of value.

Mimentum – Why You Should Go

Mimenta offers a variety of services that serve as the basis for the blog. It is described on its About page as a blog

“…derived from business consultations with small businesses in Australia. In addition, items are also sourced from Mimenta.com and Mimenta Educational Services.

Mimenta Educational Services is an Australian business,education consultancy and tutoring service specialising in EILTS , remedial English, remedial numeracy, VCE tutoring and small business counselling.”

What this translates into in practice is a blog that brings a lot to the table—down-to-earth information about business and education, mixed in with other valuable information about online business and life. What makes the blog most inviting, though, is that the information is not simply a regurgitation of business articles; it is information gleaned from experience and from life delivered in a conversational manner that clearly shows the cause and effect of the situation at hand. It’s an interesting read as well as a lesson.

Summing Up Mimentum

Although the blog is focused on business in Australia and New Zealand, the messages here are universal. They apply to life and business all over the world, because they are based on human nature and response. Regardless of where you might be, there is something for you to learn at Mimentum, too.

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