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Earnest Parenting

Earnest Parenting is a parenting blog, yes—but one that strives to put a true face on parenting in all its glory and sometimes less-than-splendor.

Earnest Parenting – Why You Should Go

“I had such a hard time finding other moms who say that this job is hard that I thought I’d start saying it. This blog is a place to explore parenting and offer encouragement through good times and support through tough ones. If we can have some laughs along the way together, even better.” –Amy L, Earnest Parenting

Parenting is a tough job. Choosing to homeschool your kids adds an additional element of challenge, too. Blogger Amy L is here with her blog to say it like it really is and to help other parents do the same so that we can support one another and find the real-life resources we need to get through each day. On her blog you’ll find many stories, parenting articles, resources, and also homeschooling tales and information.

Summing Up Earnest Parenting

At Earnest Parenting Amy L works hard to give be honest and open, understanding the value of honesty and the reward that we get from helping each other through thick and thin.

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