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Pilates Goddess

The practice of Pilates has enjoyed a great surge in popularity lately, not least of all for its many health benefits. However, the practice remains somewhat clouded with confusion as the lay person seeks to understand the practice fully and learn how to maximize it for form, function, and lifestyle. Pilates Goddess was developed to clear that confusion.

Pilates Goddess – Why You Should Go

Pilates Goddess is the work of Lynda Lippin, a Pilates instructor with over 20 years experience to her name. Lynda is also an experienced Usui Reiki Master and certified Personal Trainer, as well as an accomplished author. To say that Lynda is well-qualified to deliver Pilates advice and information would be an understatement.

Lynda’s Pilates blog was developed for the express purpose of helping people better understand the practice and work their way through any difficulties related to it. On the blog she overviews workouts, health issues, proper practice and techniques; she also works to educate her readers as to just what Pilates is and how to best maximize the practice on a personal level.

Summing Up Pilates Goddess

In short, in Lynda’s words,

“The Pilates Goddess feels your pain, understands your confusion, and seeks to clarify all things Pilates related!”

That is probably the best summation that anyone could give for this blog. If you practice Pilates, you would do very well to connect with Lynda through her blog and really achieve the fullest benefit of your efforts and practice.

Go here to check out Pilates Goddess.

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