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Blood and Mud

Blood and Mud says it is the only rugby blog you need to read. This site keeps up with all the goings on of professional rugby and does it from a fan’s point of view. There probably is no better source for keeping up with the world’s rugby matches than Blood and Mud

Blood and Mud – Why You Should Go

The site is informative without taking itself too seriously. You can get the important news on the sport and enjoy a laugh or two, as well. This site is likely very valuable for American rugby fans, since it’s so hard to get rugby news in the US.

Summing Up Blood and Mud

Great, up to date information on rugby. The site covers all the major games, and keeps up with roster changes. The author does a good job of blogging on a regular basis. The blog has gained quite a following, which even improves the amount of information the authors feel compelled to get out there. This is one blog that rugby fans will love.

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