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Sleep Talkin Man

Adam Lennard is, we’re told, a mild mannered Englishman by day. At night, however, it seems that someone else comes alive. Someone who is sometimes foul mouthed sometimes freaked out, but always funny. You see, Adam Lennard talks in his sleep. Every night, all night. And his wife records it and posts it on his website each morning.

Sleep Talkin Man – Why You Should Go

It’s one of the funniest blogs going. Adam’s wife Karen posts not only the transcripts of her husband’s nighttime musings, but she posts the audio clips as well. It’s actually far funnier when you listen to them, because of his soft spoken voice and British accent.

Summing Up Sleep Talkin Man

A very funny read. This is definitely a good way to brighten up your day. You never know what Adam is going to talk about next. Karen Lennard has definitely made the most out of all the sleep she’s losing. She sells t-shirts, mugs, greeting cards and other items with her husband’s musings on them. You can get merchandise right on the website.

Go here to check out Sleep Talkin Man.

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