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The Change Blog

They say that in life change is inevitable; so best to be in the seat of control to capitalize upon it. This is a blog that can help.

The Change Blog – Why You Should Go

For Peter, the developer and original writer of the Change Blog, the catalyst for changing his life for the better came when he learned he’d be a father. That spurred in him a deep-seated dedication to change and personal development. As he did, he began chronicling his experience through his blog, in part to sort his own thoughts and in part to share and help others on similar paths.

Over time, this deeply insightful blog grew into a multi-authored blog for change and personal development, with a much deserved following. Today, it is a highly respected (again, deservedly so) resource for people who want to make the best of their lives and effect positive change for positive living.

Summing Up The Change Blog

Peter and his colleagues have built an excellent blog resource full of informed, thoughtful posts for positive personal change. This is a blog that will help you sort out what needs doing, center yourself and help you develop into the person you really want to be.

Go here to check out The Change Blog.

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Cheers To Joyful Days

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Category: Personal Development, Self Improvement, Success

Joyful Days

Having had more than enough of the corporate life and stress and struggle, blogger Daphne opted for more Joyful Days. It took a dedicated effort, but Daphne has achieved her dream life, and is using her blog to help others do the same.

Joyful Days – Why You Should Go

Joyful Days is an example of the life you can live if you put your mind to it and dedicate yourself to living a content, positive life. Daphne understands the gift that life is, and the fact that she deserves to live it well.

Daphne’s blog is a testament to that understanding and dedication. She set off with one primary goal:

“I wanted control over my life, doing work that I enjoyed, spending time with the people I love. I wanted to wake up happy and go to bed ready to die in my sleep because I’d lived a day worth living.”

Admirable, and not too much to ask of life, as Daphne has proven through her success. Her blog is poised to help you do the same by giving you resources and information on the major topics of life change, including

- Gaining control over personal cash flow and finance for financial freedom
- Developing fulfilling relationships
- Enjoying your working life by enjoying your work
- Developing a life with purpose and meaning

Summing Up Joyful Days

Joyful Days offers practical, achievable solutions for lives of discontent and a positive attitude to emulate. Join Daphne and her community of like-minded people sharing the determination to succeed and enjoy life.

Go here to check out Joyful Days.

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The Personal Growth Of An Amazing Mind

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Category: Personal Growth, Self improvement

An Amazing Mind

Vlad Dolezal has an amazing mind—and he’s spilling its contents all over his blog. A psychology-enthusiast at heart, Vlad is using his blog to share and explore the topic of personal growth in the most efficient way he knows.

An Amazing Mind – Why You Should Go

In reality, Vlad understands that all minds are amazing; so no, his blog is not a self-indulgent introspective on the wonders of Vlad and his brain, but rather on the wider concept of the human mind and learning to develop it to an optimal level for personal growth and success. Vlad’s posts are highly insightful, down-to-earth, and hard-hitting. Unlike many personal growth blogs, however, Vlad takes his a step further, understanding that all too often personal growth blogs are too much talk and not enough action, and so his posts focus on the actions that we can take to actually experience personal growth as well, rather than just learn all that we can about it.

Summing Up An Amazing Mind

In many ways, Vlad’s blog is a distillation of much of the best personal growth and empowerment information that is out there. Vlad has read as much on the subject as he can place hands on, and brings the best of it to his blog, along with personal experiences and practices in self improvement. In addition, he offers up interviews with some of the most respected writers and bloggers covering the topic (including Tim Brownson, who we also reviewed here). He has also written an eBook himself that is a collection of the best pearls of personal growth wisdom.

Vlad’s blog covers the topic of psychology and personal development from a number of angles. He’s got some very practical advice and examples, but he also works to build a community to expand the line of thinking, as Vlad also recognizes that the dynamic human mind is one that works in many mysterious ways. To learn more about what might work for you, join the discussion when you

Go here to check out An Amazing Mind.

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Daring To Face Discomfort

A Daring AdventureWhere to Find The Discomfort Zone:
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Category: Personal Development, Life Coaching

The Discomfort Zone

This may sound like it has the makings of being a review of another outdoor adventure blog, taking us off across the world to climb the highest peaks or plunge to the deepest depths. Most decidedly, this review is not that. But it is an adventure that takes no less courage, even though you are guaranteed to enjoy the ride.

What is this, then? This review is of The Discomfort Zone, the blogging home of Tim Brownson‘s life coaching blog; it’s a blog where reality meets life and butts heads. Who comes out the winner is up to you.

The Discomfort Zone – Why You Should Go

Tim Brownson is an accomplished UK Life Coach, with credentials in both the US and UK. He is also the author of the book, Don’t Ask Stupid Questions, and, a life-coaching blogger.

What’s different about Tim and his blog is his approach to life coaching. Tim’s solitary goal is to bring you to the brink to face your real problems and discomforts, and then laugh your way to finding resolution and success. In his words…

“I am passionate about coaching but I am just as passionate about having fun and enjoying what I do. I want my clients to bounce out of bed on the mornings they are coming to see me because they know that they will have a great time moving towards their dreams. If you don’t like smiling or laughing then I’m probably not the coach for you!”

Summing Up The Discomfort Zone

If you don’t like to face your problems in reality, then this is not a blog for you. Tim is not going to pull any punches to make justify your current situation; he is going to tell you like it is, share a few thousand laughs with you, and force you to put some real effort—work!—into achieving your goals. He makes no false promises here; he just delivers a healthy dose of reality to get you into that discomfort zone, and into a real course of change. If that sounds like something you can handle,

Go here to check out The Discomfort Zone.

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Getting Thoughts Outside The Brain

Outside My Brain and AgainWhere to Find Outside My Brain Again:
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Category: Humor, Personal Development

Outside My Brain Again

Bradley is letting his thoughts outside his brain for all the world to see. And what a great lot of thoughts he has! Bradley combines his many life experiences and lessons learned to bring you some very powerful thoughts and observations that will help you to live life to the fullest.

Outside My Brain Again – Why You Should Go

Outside My Brain is once of two blogs maintained by Bradley, who also authors Outside My Brain, a look into the lighter side of Bradley’s thought processes. Both are blogs that deal with enjoying and achieving a content and well-rounded life. Having been fortunate enough to learn some valuable life lessons very early on, and make the right choices and efforts to succeed, Bradley has much to share about not only financial success, but success in every aspect of life. He describes his blog as a compilation of

“…posts that will give you tips, skill sets and thought provoking ideas about getting the most out of life including your relationships, your finances, your health, your spiritual life and your career.”

Summing Up Outside My Brain Again

Bradley takes a very humanistic approach to getting his thoughts outside his brain. Once out, these posts are your food for thought for achieving all that you would achieve. Visit Outside My Brain and – Again) for some interesting perspectives and excellent advice on living well.

Go here to check out Outside My Brain Again.

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Reprogram Your Mind For Final Success!

Reprogramming the Mind for SuccessWhere to Find Reprogramming The Mind For Success:
Blog URL: http://www.reprogrammingthemind.co.uk/
Category: Success, Personal Development

Reprogramming The Mind For Success

It seems this blog comes to our attention at just the right time of the year. We are all fired up after having chosen our words of change and having made our resolutions, and now we are ready to put them into action. Even as we do, however, so many of us are riddled with that nagging sense of doubt.

• What will be different about this year?
• Why should this year’s resolutions succeed when so many others have failed?
• What can I change to make this the year I finally succeed and accomplish those goals?

These may seem like rhetorical questions, but rest assured there are bloggers with answers. Stuart Ginbey is one of them.

Reprogramming the Mind for Success – Why You Should Go

“How many times have you started a goal achievement program, a diet, a savings plan, a fitness program, a wealth creation plan, only to see it fade away into the distance?”

This is the question that Stuart poses, and the one he works through his blog to resolve. And yes, there is real hope for resolution. Stuart’s path to that resolution lies in the mechanism of “reprogramming the brain” (as you might have already guessed. To summarize, that entails understanding the science behind effective empowerments such as the Law of Attraction, understanding your own personal barriers, and learning how to overcome them—finally.

The blog itself is a collection of posts that break down the concept into even smaller, more digestible parts. It is a place where you can come as you work through the program to find help and support, and learn more about the how and the why of your resistance to real change (and get some great freebies, too!).

Summing Up Reprogramming The Mind For Success

Reprogramming the Mind does more than just talk about your personal development barriers; it offers real resources and solutions to them. Stuart’s is a New blog for a New Year, and one that you will want to make a regular stop as you continue to achieve those goals you’re setting, once and for all.

Go here to check out Reprogramming the Mind for Success.

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Happy New Year From Digg It!

Happy New Year to each and every one of you!

2008 was the year of our launch here at Digg. In that time we’ve had the good fortune of reviewing some excellent blogs, all of which you can review again through the archives. We look forward to reviewing even more of the best of the blogosphere in 2009!

We’re Nothing Without Community

Celecrate CommunityLike any blog, we are nothing without our community, and so we extend our thanks and well-wishes for a most excellent New Year. We continue to encourage you to become an active part of our Digg community, and to utilize the features of this blog.

Time For Action

This is the recent theme of several of Sean’s wealth and success blogs, and it sounded so good we decided to ‘borrow’ it for Digg It as well.

We’re proclaiming 2009 as the Time for Action!

There are several actions you can take here at Digg as a way to participate in our community and benefit from it.

• Digg reviews that speak to you—including your own! Gain exposure to a larger community and readership for your blog. Just use the handy Digg button below each review.
• Submit recommendations and requests to us here at Digg for your own blog or another blog you think deserves review (just leave us a link in the comments section).
• Comment and join in the discussion—we love hearing from our readers!
• Tell others about Digg and help us to expand the community and reach out to more blogs and bloggers.

Getting Better All The Time

We like to keep things positive around here, and so we feel confident that 2009 will be a year even better than the last. To all of you and all of yours, we sincerely hope this to be true. We look forward to more fun and interesting blogs in the year ahead.

A Happiest New Year to You!

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Resolution Support For A Whole New Year

New Year's Resolution BlogWhere to Find New Year’s Resolution Blog:
Blog URL: http://www.newyearsresolutionsblog.com/
Category: Personal Development, Self Improvement

New Year’s Resolution Blog

Yesterday we took a look at a blog that has found a successful and sustainable alternative to traditional New Year’s Resolutions. Today we look at a blog that takes a more communal approach to those traditional resolutions at the New Year’s Resolution Blog.

New Year’s Resolution Blog – Why You Should Go

The New Year’s Resolution Blog was started by an admitted resolution breaker (but who isn’t?), Tracy. Understanding what it is that makes resolutions so hard to keep, Tracy decided to start up a site and a blog dedicated to helping herself and her community succeed in their resolve to improve—together, with support, the way the most successful resolutions are said to succeed.

To this end, Tracy has built in many posts and tools to help you from start to finish. There are posts to help you decide on a resolution, jumpstart your resolution, and others for “after the fact” to help you track and follow your resolution through. As an added bonus, you can go public by posting your resolution and adding that extra level of accountability. Tracy has also built up a team of six other writers to help her, and you, along the way, with articles and posts to inspire and motivate, as well as stories of their own success.

Summing Up New Year’s Resolution Blog

Last year this blog saw a break in the action, but came back bigger and better, with a new design, features, and determination to build a successful community of resolution-makers. Tracy and her crew have a great thing going here, and your continued participation can only help to keep it moving. Check out the New Year’s Resolution Blog and ready yourself for an even more successful year ahead!

Go here to check out New Year’s Resolution Blog and Have a Happy New Year!

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Revolutionary Resolutions

Christine Kane's BlogWhere to Find Christine Kane’s Blog:
Blog URL: http://christinekane.com/blog/
Category: Personal Development, Success

Christine Kane’s Blog

There is a back-story to how I came across Christine Kane‘s Blog. It goes something like this:

I wanted to find a blog that focused on New Year’s Resolutions—being that that is the spirit of the season and all. So I searched amongst our faithful search engines for a resolutions blog. I found many to help you deal with conflict resolution (maybe for another day) and resolutions to legal problems, before finally finding, on the second page of results, a few return for blogs about New Year’s resolutions. However, true to so much resolution form, they had a few dated posts from this time last year or the year before, and then were defunct. So much for those blogging resolutions.

One of the results I got was for an archived post from this time last year at Christine Kane‘s Blog. Upon visiting, I was happy to discover that Christine bucked the trend and, although her blog was not exclusively devoted to New Year’s resolutions, she did certainly make good on her version of resolve, and continues to find ways to better herself and her community annually, throughout the year.

Christine Kane’s Blog – Why You Should Go

Quite likely the reason that Christine has succeeded where so many others have failed is that she does not take the traditional approach to Resolutions for the New Year. Why not? Because she knows what we all know—resolutions hardly ever succeed, because they approach change from the wrong angle, and they take on too much in too short a time.

To remedy the situation, Christine resolved years ago not to make a resolution, but to choose a word for change for the entire New Year instead. It’s a simple concept with a very reasonable foundation and one that is proving successful for not only Christine and her co-founding friend, but for the many readers and commenters at her blog. This, married with Christine’s regular focus on creativity, consciousness, and courageousness, combines to make hers an excellent blog for those of us who truly hope to elicit change in the New Year. It is also an excellent blog to follow throughout as you continue on that path to success and fulfillment.

Summing Up Christine Kane’s Blog

Christine’s blog is in full-swing with this year’s Word of the Year initiative, so it is prime time to join in the success and empowerment. As you look for successful supports for your New Year’s resolutions, this is a blog you’ll want to see, and one you’ll want to revisit over and over again to maintain that success for all the days of 2009 (and beyond!).

Go here to check out Christine Kane’s Blog.

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To Your Success In The New Year!

Celebrate Success!Category: Do you Digg It

Too early for New Year’s posts and resolutions? Never. It’s never too early to take a positive look back, to learn from the resources at hand, and to plan for a bigger and better future. So just as Christmas seems the right time to revisit photoblogs of past reviews, this time of year also seems the right time to revisit the many excellent success and motivational blogs that have graced the cyberpages of Do You Digg It.

Do It Myself BlogGlenda Watson Hyatt has been the focus of posts here a couple of times. She is a truly inspirational person, one succeeding far beyond the average person, despite seemingly insurmountable challenges. If ever there was a person to prove that all things are possible, it’s Glenda. Be sure to see her blog and make it a regular stoop for continued motivation throughout the year.
Successful Blog – Liz Strauss has earned her big name in blogging and success motivation. Hers is a community with arms wide-open, sharing the best of blogging and success. And somehow, Liz always finds the time to meet new bloggers and commenters, and give a personal warm welcome and note of support. Make hers the stop for support and friendship on your journey on the path of success.
Positive Thinking – Kenny McBride shows us that positive thinking is an international action! For real, down-to-earth positivity and success communication, stop by Kenny’s blog.
• Our Own Sean Rasmussen – I know it’s only been days since we overviewed Sean’s blogs, but there is no rounding up success communication blogs without mentioning his. For ongoing success motivation and lots of great motivational freebies and eBooks, Sean’s blogs are a “must stop.”

Of course, these are not at all close to being all of our success and motivation blog reviews. There have been many over the course of the year, all of which you can access through the archives and categories of personal development, motivation, and success. Spend some time here reviewing the reviews, and pick out a few to follow to keep you motivated toward even more success this year.

Wishing you the most successful year ever!

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