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Ethnically Incorrect Daughter

Sumeia Williams was born in Saigon in 1970, during the Vietnam War. She was brought to the US and adopted by an American soldier and his family. She knows little about her life before her adoption, yet has always felt out of place in the US. Sumeia grew up in a small town in Texas, where she was the only Asian. She blogs about her feelings about being adopted and about never feeling like she fit in.

Ethnically Incorrect Daughter – Why You Should Go

All parents of a transracially adopted children, or those who are considering transracial adoption, should read Sumeia’s blog. It is a very honest look at the difficulties that some adoptees feel when being raised with no connection to their home country and obvious differences in their adoptive country.

Summing Up Ethnically Incorrect Daughter

A very honest and beautifully written blog by an adoptee who has never stopped wondering and looking for her biological mother, and who has never felt like she truly fit in as an American. She regularly ponders questions about her past life that she will likely never get answered. We so often consider only the beautiful parts of adoption, but this blog reminds us that something has to end for a child before an adoption begins.

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