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Instructify is one blog that knows exactly what it is and what it is doing; and that is delivering valuable resources for better educational experiences.

Instructify – Why You Should Go

Led by Bill Ferris, this blog, a project of LEARN NC of the University of North Carolina School of Education, is bringing resources to teachers and educators so that they may teach more effectively. It was founded and is maintained on one simple philosophy—”Teach Smarter, Not Harder”.

Instructify is the place for educators to come to find the resources that will help them do just that—be highly effective, efficient teachers who find consistently new and better ways to help students succeed. It is more than that, too, as explained on the Instructify About page:

Instructify is where teachers can stock their toolboxes with practical, time-saving classroom ideas and cutting edge methods of instruction. It’s where to find useful, free technology to utilize in the classroom. And it’s a fun place to spend your planning period.

Instructify is also a verb. To Instructify means to find new ways to present the same old content. Or MacGyvering anything from software to Post-it notes into something you can teach with. It also works great as a command. As in, ‘Don’t just teach, Instructify!’

There are a few things that Instructify isn’t, though. The blog isn’t a place for political educational debate or to “bemoan educational policy.” That is not to say that the blog or Bill Ferris do not necessarily find any merit in these types of discussions, but just to say that there is a time and a place, and that time and place is not on Instructify.

Summing Up Instructify

Instructify has one set goal, and that is to help educators be better at what they do, and in the process enjoy that experience more. You can count on Instructify to deliver just what you come there for, and nothing that you did not. It’s quite refreshing to experience a blog that knows just exactly who it is, and so be able to have a high level of reliability in it.

Go here to check out Instructify.

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