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World War II History

Steven Terjeson is one blogger who understands the importance of “preserving the past for the future”. His blog is a testament and an exercise in that.

World War II History – Why You Should Go

Steven Terjeson considers World War II to be the world’s greatest war. Certainly, it has many lessons to teach to us all—many lessons of extreme importance that should never be lost at any cost. Terjeson is doing his part and more to ensure that does not happen. He maintains this site in part as a hobby of interest, but in larger part as an easily accessible, ongoing history lesson and project to keep the knowledge of the past alive.

In his own words, Terjeson describes his site:

“World War II History ( is dedicated to preserving and promoting the history and historical value of the greatest war.

Our main goal is to collect and record WWII information including photos, documents, related past and present news, and equipment details. It is a project, hobby, and dream to build and to share.”

In building his blog, Terjeson has created a unique format. Largely, posts go day by day and deliver interesting facts about the war for that date in time. In many ways, it’s a little like reliving the news of the day, although certainly nothing could compare to what the many soldiers and families experienced at the time.

Summing Up World War II History

Steven Terjeson’s World War II History blog is both a blog of interest and importance. Learn more than you ever thought to know about this important period in time, and pass it on so that it should live on.

Go here to check out World War II History.

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