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One of the best things that professional and business-related blogs can do is give us access to what amounts to basically free professional services. In The Sphere, the blog of Blue Fur Canada Web Hosting, is one of those blogs. Maintained by a team of professionals from the Blue Fur Canada Web Hosting Company, the blog is a look at what’s good and useful around the blogosphere.

In The Sphere – Why You Should Go

Blue Fur is a company dedicated to client success. As an extension of that service delivery, they maintain the Canada Web Hosting Blog as a resource for their clients and readers so that they can make sense of the web and enjoy the benefits of the many great products and services out there. It includes posts that tell and teach as they instruct on things such as advertising, WordPress plug-ins, marketing, and many other tech-related topics to increase productivity. It’s not all work and no play, though, and Friday Funnies and “News from around the blog sphere” are also mainstay topics.

Summing Up In The Sphere

In the Sphere is another place to go and learn from the pros that know. Use this blog as an internet and marketing resource, and benefit from the experience of a leading Canada web hosting provider.

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