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Compared to the experience of Bill Mullins, most other online tech gurus are just babes in the woods. As Bill will tell you, he’s been in the biz since before there was a biz to be in, back in the day of the computing ‘dinosaurs’ when Commodores and Texans (instruments, that is) ruled the streets.

Tech Thoughts – Why You Should Go

To say that Bill Mullins is a well of computing and technology information is a gross understatement. Few people, and fewer bloggers, have the depth and breadth of information and experience that Bill does. It is this deep well of experience and information that he has decided to share on his blogs, which run on both WordPress and Blogger (under the names of Tech Thoughts and Bill Mullins, respectively). Both are blogs that deliver most everything that you would care to know in relation to the Internet and security, including

• Security and System Tools and Tips
• Software reviews
• News and views
• Downloads and links

Bill encourages an extremely active blog community through comments and discussions, and also excellent guest posts from all manner of experts and knowledgeable contributors—so the little that perhaps Bill doesn’t cover himself is more than made up for in his much expanded contributor posts.

Summing Up Tech Thoughts

It’s tough to sum up the knowledge of a man like Bill Mullins or a blog like Tech Thoughts. Suffice to say his blogs are leaders in the field for internet and technology information, offering more articles and information from both the personal and educational perspective than the average technology blog.

Go here to check out Tech Thoughts.

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