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Techipedia is something of a Wikipedia for computers, the internet, gadgetry, and technology. Blogger Tamar Weinberg brings her love of technology to her blog creation, where she discusses and teaches about all aspects of the web, social marketing, and computer technology in general. From online business to website design and industry news, Tamar covers a little bit of everything, building a quite comprehensive resource for all of us looking for tips and tricks, and better ways to get things done.

Techipedia – Why You Should Go

The draw to Techipedia is the subject matter, but what will keep you coming back is Tamar’s enthusiasm for her field and chosen subject. Tamar describes herself as a “tech geek” and “social media enthusiast”, among other things. She has a clear love of her subject and her job as a social media consultant, and that enthusiasm rings through in all her posts.

Tamar Weinberg offers up some great information and insight into technology and its myriad possibilities and uses. Her blog is a resource for those who want to stay up on technology and the internet, or those who need someone else to do the walking for them so that they can just learn from the pros who know. More importantly, though, Techipedia offers real insight into how to utilize these tools to make more of your time online. Productivity is a top priority at Techipedia.

Summing Up Techipedia

Learn more from a tech professional with a passion for what she does. Find the tools and techniques that work online to make your life more productive, as well as the gadgets and more that simplify your life and make it more fun all around. Become energized by the spirit and enthusiasm of Tamar Weinberg at Techipedia.

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