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Digg It Vacation Round-Up


Being that I am technically on vacation this week, it seemed an appropriate time to spread the relaxation cheer via a little travel re-cap here at Digg It.  For those of you stuck at home and work this week, this might be an appropriate time to start planning your next adventure; hopefully these past vacation blog reviews will help!


Do You Digg It Vacation Blog Reviews


Our Vacation Travel blog reviews began earlier this year. We found some excellent blog sites offering up great tips and trips for vacation planning and more.


  • One of the first of this kind was the Uptake Vacations blog and its related family of blogs.  This is a comprehensive blogsite featuring tips and information on how to book, where to book, where to find the best deals, and more.
  • An even earlier travel-related blog was Joyce Emor’s My Nature Adventures Blog.  This is primarily a travel-journal, but the reviews and information also make for an excellent resource for those interested in Travel in the Phillipines.
  • It’s not always enough these days to know where you want to go; in today’s more eco-conscious environment, it’s good to know how to get there without causing more harm to the earth we live on.  This is where the Ecotravel News blogs comes in it’s a place to learn the how and why of green vaction and travel.

By the way, in case you missed it Sean Rasmussen recently came back from a vacation adventure of his own.  See Sean’s posts from his fabulous Hong Kong Disney and Streaky Bay vacation adventures.

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