Recap Review, April 18 Edition

It’s been a heartening week full of awareness here at Do You Digg It.  It started with an inspiring collection of stories from a young girl with autism, and grew to a theme of its own from there.

Week In Review, April 18, 2009

  • Actually the week started with Easter well-wishes, including an update on Sean Rasmussen’s internet marketing seminars and travels.  Tough to keep up with that one!  Enjoy our belated Easter message, or as the case may be for some of you, consider it timely if you celebrate this week!
  • The official blog review kick off for the week found us at Amy’s Short Stories blog.  Amy is that inspiring, insightful young girl I mentioned who is teaching all of us through her blogging, writing, and outlook on life.  Be sure to stop in and meet this young talent.
  • Amy’s blog led us to several others of similar interest, focusing on increasing the awareness of autism and spectrum disorders, and in supporting and educating others.  The next blog, Beautiful Spectrum, is one of these blogs, a true celebration of the diversity of life.
  • Faces of Autism is an equally informative and compelling blog.  It is just as it sounds, a photoblog celebrating the diversity of life and increasing understanding through photos and artwork.
  • The next site is dedicated to special needs, including a large segment of autism-related works, but has a bit broader topic, too.  5 Minutes for Special Needs is a blog supported by an expert and experienced team of writers dealing with special needs in many forms, and offering both education and support.
  • Our final blog review for the week was a visit back to a blogging friend we reviewed last year, the inspiring Glenda Watson Hyatt.  Glenda is an amazing woman doing amazing things in the face of insurmountable odds given her diagnosis of severe Cerebral Palsy.  It’s hard to maintain a poor mood when Glenda is around!

That rounds out our week here at Do You Digg It.  In case you missed it, here is last week’s Recap Review of all the previous week’s works and reviews.

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