Recap Review, February 28 Edition

Another week and another month gone by.  Once again, we had a lot of fun digging up and reviewing some of the best blogs on the net.

Week In Review, February 28, 2009

This week we visited a few focused personal blogs and did a little birthday partying, too.

  • We started our week on a topic that is becoming all too familiar to too many people, given current economic problems in the States and around the world.  Laid Off Dad is not a recent lay off victim, but this is an experience he has had to work through in the past, and the impetus for his blog.  Follow Laid Off Dad and share in the many curve balls life can throw.
  • The next stop was at Jack Payne’s Con Man’s Blog.  This blog is both an entertaining thriller and a highly informative blog that will keep you protected from the darker side of the business and scam world–part fiction, based entirely on real life.  It’s an excellent two-for value at the Con Man’s blog.
  • Getting in the Birthday spirit, we capitalized on a special birthday to dig up some excellent advice and free treats at Free Birthday Treats.  Go for the goods or for the great ideas; this blog makes every day feel like your birthday!
  • Last but never least, our last blog review of the week took us into Rick’s World.  Rick’s has been a real life journey, exposing him to some interesting experiences and granting him a unique perspective you’re not likely to have considered.  Get in now while the blog is still young and there is still time to catch up on the whole of the story in Rick’s World.

That’s it for another great week in blogging; be sure to also check out last week’s blogs and last week’s Recap Review, February 22, 2009.  Do also remember that if you have a blog of your own you’d like us to take a look at, or a favorite blog you visit that we should see, you can leave a comment on this or any post.  Then come back to see what we and our readers digg up next!

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  1. SBA Says:

    I like the concept of blog reviews and the recaps help new visitors like myself zero in on your favorites. My favorite up and coming blog is which is a team effort.

  2. Mary Ward Says:

    Thanks! We love the team-effort and community blog projects. I’ll be sure to have a look!

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