Recap Review July 13th Edition

Our recent blog reviews have become quite varied, but that’s the best thing about them.  We’ve got a blog full of reviews for blogs covering a wide range of interests, all with great quality and information, and all excellent resources in their given fields.

Week In Review, July 13, 2009

  • Interested in going somewhere new?  Discover Kuala Lampur, a land like no other.  Not the foggiest idea of where to go when you get there?  Or what resources and services to use to do that?  This is your blog–Where To Go In Kuala Lampur has all the questions answered, and will help you build a vacation unlike any you’ll find in the travel books.
  • Get fit!  Getting fit is a challenge, and an ongoing one at that.  Blogger John is the first to tell you that.  His brutally honest fitness and wellness blog is not all about the good, it’s about the challenges and struggles, too.  Go along to John Is Fit and tap into a hugely supportive health and fitness community as well as an excellent information resource for all related topics.
  • Does the field of Forensic Science fascinate you?  Doesn’t it fascinate us all?  Then you’ll want to come along and check out the Forensic Science Blog.  Here you’ll learn all about the field, the uses, and how to get into a forensic sciences profession, too.  Whether for fun or for career resources, this is the blog you want.
  • I love a good education blog.  Education is the key to the future, and Pat Hensley is working hard to make sure that teachers have the resources they need.  Successful Teaching is giving teachers what they need to be more successful in their careers and learn to enjoy them more.  It is also a top-notch resource for parent/child activities and education information.
  • Last but not least, we’re turning an eye to good health with the help of Dr. Joseph Kim. His Medicine and Technology blog helps us make sense of the two and understand the advancements and options in medical technologies today–something that is ever-changing and so most beneficial to have this knowledgeable guide along to help with.

I hope you didn’t miss a beat last week, but just in case (because we’re all busy people!) go here and check out last week’s blog reviews, too.

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