Recap Review, June 14 Edition

We’ve had a quirky, awkward, sketchy, positive kind of a week here at Digg It…and that’s not even all of it!

Week in Review, June 14, 2009

  • To kick the week off, we had a little fun at the expense of the celebrity set.  Thank you Snarkstress for dishing the snark so well!
  • Checking off our list, we visited the List Maven–a fun place to get things done and have some laughs, list style!
  • To find what we’d been missing, we wandered over to the Uncovering The Internet blog, where we were introduced to some of the best and most entertaining of the web (including our next blog review).
  • Yes, we can credit Uncovering with pointing us toward Awkward Family Photos, a blog name that says it all.
  • On to more intellectual pursuits, we discovered the fascinating world of Egypt, past present, and an eye to the future, at Egypt Then and Now.
  • We couldn’t stay away from our humorous mood for long, and so we stepped right back in style to the That’s So Sketch blog.
  • And to make sure we got your weekend and new week off on the right foot, we ended our week of reviews at Positively Present, a resonant blog that gets you living well in the here and now for a better and brighter future.

Last week saw some excellent blog reviews, too; be sure to check out last week’s Recap Review for more fun and interest!

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