Recap Review, June 6 Edition

Another busy week and some really stand-out blogs this week!

Week In Review, June 6, 2009

  • What better way to start a week than with some positive thinking and actions?  That’s what Henrik Edberg is delivering at his blog, The Positivity Blog.
  • Continuing our positive spirit, commit to Joyful Days and join Daphne as she leads the way.
  • When some good eating and comfort food is in order, head over to Savory TV for all the best recipes and video instructions for creating affordable, delectable gourmet fare at home!
  • After your meal unwind with a little gaming fun–you’ll find all the best free downloads at DLS Games.
  • Ever wonder what goes on in the mind of your pets?  Tova Galnur is exploring this question daily at the What Animals Think Blog.
  • Embracing the confidence to be strong and succeed is a definite possibility, and Maryann Reid is telling you all that it’s okay.  Come along with this accomplished author and build your self confidence as you embrace your Alpha spirit at Alphanista.

And finally, in case you need more, visit last week’s Recap Review for more recently reviewed blogs of excellence.

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