Recap Review, March 7 Edition

This week turned out to be one ruled primarily by improvement–blog improvement, personal improvement, and ways to get things done in ways that work for you.  Check out these blogs to see which ones resound with you and have what it takes to kick you into high (or low)-action gear.

Week In Review, March 7, 2009

  • We started out with a little focus on something we all love around here–blogs.  The Blog Squad at Build a Better Blog is poised and ready to help you make the absolute most out of your blogging efforts and to maximize the profitability of your business-oriented blog.
  • Next we stopped in with Warren and Betsy Talbot to see how they pared down their life to what mattered most and learned to achieve the goals and dreams that mattered most to them.  Building a better life together, the couple is Married With Luggage, and Betsy’s blogging about how they got there.
  • We all enjoy a little procrastination, but this is not a blog that you will want to put off any longer.  Put Things Off is a blog about achieving simpler productivity, complete with stress-free ways to do it and a healthy dose of good humor.
  • More blog success?  Blog With Success!  This team-effort blog is a comprehensive blog tutorial package, giving you the goods on every aspect of building and maintaining a great blog that people will love to follow.
  • Last but not least, we closed out the week with a more relaxed way of living and, reluctantly, producing.  The Slacker Method is all about identifying with your inner self and learning to do things in the way that suits you best.

That wraps it for the week.  Miss out last week?  Be sure to see the February 28 Recap Review for more great blogs!  And as always, leave a comment below with your blog suggestions!

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