Recap Review May 10, 2009

I must apologize for the inconsistent nature of posts lately.  We’ve upgraded the blog and had to work out some kinks, which means I’ve been a little off schedule.  Because of this, today’s Recap Review is going to go back a bit farther than usual.  But hey!  Look at all the great blog reading you can do this weekend!

Week In Review May 10, 2009

Our last weekly review was all the way back on April 25.  From there, we enjoyed visiting all of these blogs and sites:

  • review-calendarWe featured for their Web Logs page, a place to learn and grow your blogging talent.  There’s lots of great blogging information at Web Logs.
  • Our next stop was Subjectify, a photography and review blog focusing on the subjects of modern protraiture–a unique take and photoblog.
  • David and Lisa Wood’s Our Path To Prosperity was our next stop.  This is a couple committed to achieving wealth and happiness, together, and delivering a blog packed with wealth creation resources.
  • Next we took advantage of Anne’s Virtual EBook Library at Informative EBooks–a place where you can find Ebooks on all manner of subjects, and help writing and promoting them too!
  • Our latest stop was the Mimentum blog, a blog delivering real-world advice for education, business, online information, and more.

That’s it for the last couple of weeks, we’ll return to our regular schedule with more and more great blog reviews in short order!

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