Recap Review, May 17 Edition

Another week of excellent informational and entertaining blogs, so let’s jump right into it!

Week In Review, May 17, 2009

  • review-calendarWe kicked off the week with a little incentive program of our own, discussing why it is a good idea for you to submit your blog for review to us here at Do You Digg It.  Rick Dendy took advtange–what it did for him?
  • What Rick’s initiative got him was the first formal blog review for the week–a review of his blog, Online Marketing Pundit where he shares his knowledge and passion as a self-described “web marketing geek.”  Don’t worry, Rick; we can relate around here :).
  • Rick’s blog led us eventually to Matt Cutts’s blog, Gadgets, Google, and SEO, where he is sharing insight learned from study and work in computing and internet.  See what juicy bits Matt has to share from behind the scenes of Google itself!
  • Jennifer Long is inspiring us all with both her dedication to greener living and her pursuit of happiness as she moves from the concrete jungle to the real jungle of Costa Rica and her beautiful soon-to-be-early-retirement coffee farm!  This Girl’s Gone Green for sure–see how she’s living her dreams as large as life!
  • To live the good life of your dreams you have to take care of yourself so you’ll be around to do it.  Personal Health Answers is just the blog the doctor answered!  Get motivated to better health and get some of your own personal health questions answered here.

That’s our week all wrapped up in one tidy post; if you missed last week’s blogs, be sure to see those reviews, too at the May 10 Recap Review.

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